You may be just 10 questions away from being more informed about codification

Considering codifying your local laws? If the process is done correctly, your Code of laws can be a reliable resource that your staff and constituents can refer to and cite for years to come.

We can help! Take a look at our list of the 10 Smart Questions to Ask When Considering Codification. This guide is a great guide to review before you talk with a potential codification partner. More importantly, it can help you understand the ways a proper codification can benefit your community.

Here’s a sample of a few of the smart questions you should always ask. Request the full list below.

Am I confident that my code is accurate and enforceable?

Your Code is an important document. If it’s not accurate and up to date, its enforceability can be compromised, which is risky. It’s a good idea to work with a codifier that has a proven track record of experience and longevity so that you can feel confident in your Code. General Code has been in business and working on municipal Codes for 55 years.

How do I develop a Code available in print and online?

You’ll find that preferences for how your Code is delivered can vary a great deal. Some of your staff may only want to work with your Code in print. Some will prefer a user-friendly and easy-to-search online version, and still others may want to upload sections of the Code directly into the systems that they use in the field. Be sure your codifier is able to provide you with these options. For example, General Code’s unique approach and process means it can output your Code content to meet your municipality’s needs—including print, online via eCode360®, PDF, Microsoft Word, and even a CSV file for importing into other software programs.

How fast and easy will it be to update my Code?

An experienced codifier will work with you to ensure that the process of updating your Code is seamless and simple. Typically, you’ll send the codifier your legislation as soon as it’s passed. The codifier should manage and provide access to your new ordinances in between updates. Typical updates can take as little as 4-6 weeks, on average. General Code even has tips for clients to follow when drafting and submitting new legislation.

How should my Code be organized and numbered for today as well as the future?

The format and numbering of your Code should be done in a way that makes it possible to add future legislation, while keeping the Code easy to reference and cite. A codifier that understands your Code and the Codes of other communities will be able to recommend a numbering system that works for you and helps your Code grow with your community.

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Consider General Code

General Code has been in the codification business for more than half a century and we manage the Codes of more than 2,500 municipalities. As you narrow your list of potential codifiers, find out more about us and what our codification services can do for you at

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