eCode360 Dashboard:
An Instant Snapshot of Code Activity

Available to logged-in eCode360 users, the Dashboard feature displays important information about how and when your online code is used and what topics are top of mind with constituents and municipal users.

Monitor important usage trends

Dashboard provides you with a real-time snapshot of trending activity within your online code. Immediately see the total number of users and views that took place over the past hour, day or month–as far back as a year. You can also see the most popular times your code is being accessed – even outside of normal municipal hours.

eCode360 Dashboard Code Views

Understand issues of importance in your community

Dashboard also lets you see the most-searched topics or terms in your code over the last month or year so you can better understand what constituents and other users of your code want to know about your local laws. To see specific areas of the code where users have shown interest, you can click on a term at the top search list and you will go directly to the code sections where those keywords appear.

How to View your eCode360 Dashboard

Before you can use the Dashboard feature, you will need to request a login password.

Once you have it:

  1. Log in to eCode360.
  2. Click “Admin” on the top menu bar
  3. Click Dashboard on the left side of the screen
  4. Your current eCode360 Dashboard is displayed!

Learn more. Sign up for a free eCode360 Dashboard webinar.

In March and April, we are offering several informative webinars that will give you a live demonstration of the eCode360 Dashboard feature and answer any questions you may have.

Email General Code’s Education and Technology Specialist Jeanie Sanders at [email protected] for more information.

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