Lowering the Volume of Questions

By regularly updating your Code with any new or amended legislation, you’re making certain that your community’s Code is an enforceable and reliable resource for everyone. Constituents can find the answers they’re looking for, and municipal staff can concentrate on other critical work.

Needs Change, Opportunities Grow. You Need a Code that’s Reliable and Enforceable.

Communities are nearly always in a state of transformation. From changes that happen on Main Street to administrative transitions after elections, from shifting housing and transportation trends to land and property development, there’s always something needing attention.

Municipalities deal with these kinds of changes in a number of ways, but primarily through enacting new laws or repealing or amending existing ones. The municipal Code is a dynamic and changing document, reflecting the regulatory ebb and flow of the community. Only a Code that is consistently updated and refreshed with the latest legislative changes can reliably serve the community and support its goals for growth and development.

An Accurate, Enforceable Code Benefits the Entire Community

When a municipal Code is regularly updated by codification experts, your municipality is guaranteeing that constituents, officials, business owners, developers, law enforcement and others will have a resource they can depend on to properly follow and enforce your laws.

Benefits also include:

  • Assurance that new laws don’t conflict with existing Code regulations or State Statutes
  • Accurate collection of fees and penalties
  • Protection from law enforcement disputes and even lawsuits
  • Quick and precise FOIA, FOIL, or OPRA requests
  • Time and resource savings from having to verify or locate the most current legislation

Making Updates Is Easy

As legislation is passed, simply send it to General Code via email at [email protected]. It’s that easy.

We recommend submitting your legislative updates as soon as changes are passed or new laws are enacted, or at least on a quarterly basis. The more up-to-date your Code is, the more trusted it is by those who use it for enforcement and citing purposes. Code enforcement, planners, and municipal officials depend on its accuracy.

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