Improving Code Updates: 5 Tips for Quicker, More Efficient Supplementation

An important part of General Code’s expert codification service is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your municipal code. If you have questions about how to proceed with an amendment, contact us before adopting your legislation. We can help you avoid costly and time-consuming issues when making code updates.

Helpful Tips for Greater Efficiency

When sending us your legislation, it’s helpful that we know the following:

  • Legislation number and adoption date of the amending material.
  • Is there an ordinance list or register?
    If so, this helps us to determine if there is any missing legislation.
  • Was a particular ordinance not adopted or tabled?
    If the legislation has not yet been adopted, it won’t be included in the code at this time.
  • Do you have non-code materials (NCM)?
    Non-code material or NCM is legislation of a temporary and/or specific nature that pertains to one situation and often expires after a set period of time. Submitting all adopted ordinances and local laws is important. However, if you know you have NCM, sending us a list or note indicating the non-code materials is extremely helpful to our codification staff. Not sure if something is non-code material? Send it on to us, and our expert codifiers will determine whether it is or not.
  • Are there resolutions you want included in your code?
    You only need to send us resolutions that your community wishes to make part of your code.

A few other things to keep in mind when making code updates include:

  • Using [email protected] to send us your materials simply by email. And for greatest efficiency:
    • Send all of your legislation in one email message, if possible;
    • Attach each piece of legislation as a separate file;
    • For maps, exhibits, and attachments, combine the item in a single file with the legislation that adopted it. For instance, creating one file that includes a Zoning Map along with the legislation that adopted it will ensure that the two items appear together in the New Laws section of your eCode.
  • Sending the original, typed version of your legislation in either Word or PDF format – not both. Clear, legible copies with no missing pages makes it quicker to get the legislation into our digital system.
  • Specifying which chapter(s) and section(s) are amended by the new legislation.
  • When amending a section, only include the legislation that is new or amended language rather than reproducing the entire chapter.
  • Is approval from an outside agency required?
    Please let us know if this is the case.
  • If the legislation is subject to referendum, make a notation.

Ready to submit your legislation to us?

We recommend submitting your legislative updates as changes are made, when new laws are enacted, or at least on a quarterly basis. Your code enforcement officers, planners, and municipal officials depend on its timely accuracy to efficiently do their jobs.

As your municipality passes legislation, send it to General Code via email addressed to [email protected]. It’s just that simple.


Always remember that our Client Care Advocates are available to assist with any questions you might have about updating your code or eCode. They can also help you set up a code update schedule. Call 800.836.8834 or send an email to [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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