Innovative Ways to Use Your Code

Partnering with innovative clients helps us to identify new ways of multi-purposing your Code information. Some of our clients have requested CSV or Excel files of their Code content to feed information into other business systems used throughout their municipalities. Using our eCode360® Content Export service, Code content can be exported to make departmental and enforcement processes more efficient.

eCode360 Content Export in Action

Many clients have requested Code information in order to import it into mobile ticketing software for their police force. That way, when an officer is citing an offense in the field, he or she can quickly find the Code section that was violated, and even automatically print it on the ticket. By utilizing an error-free system, officers no longer need to cite the Code by hand. In addition to mobile ticketing, a CSV or excel file of your Code could be fed into systems or software that other departments use, including Zoning Enforcement, Building Inspection, or Department of Public Health.

Use your Code to make your job easier

The best part is, our clients didn’t have to manually enter the information in the mobile ticketing software. With eCode360 Content Export, they simply asked us for a CSV or Excel file of the Code that could easily be imported into the software. This saved them the time and valuable resources it would have taken for municipal employees to copy and paste or re-type the information into the other system. And the extract is accurate, pulled directly from our Code database.

Explore the possibilities with us

Discover how exporting your municipality’s Code content could help you more efficiently serve your citizens. Contact us for more information here.

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