Technology and Government Transparency

Taking a Proactive Approach

Governments are ramping up technology in the quest to show the citizens they represent that they are being proactive in their approach to transparency. Technology has given local governments new channels to obtain feedback from citizens and local governments are actively leveraging these resources to promote open dialogue and communication. Some of the methods local governments are using to promote transparency through technology include:

  • Posting news about pending legislation, town successes, and other local information to keep citizens up to date.
  • Publishing meeting notices, live broadcasts, and audio/video streaming of government meetings so citizens can have a public record of what issues were discussed at public meetings as well as pending and adopted legislation.
  • Web town halls that make it easier than ever for citizens to interact with municipal leaders and participate in live discussions via the Internet.
  • Improving local government websites so they use the latest software, are easy to use and provide effective tools for interacting electronically with their local officials.
  • Using an online Code, such as eCode360®, allows constituents to independently search their local laws and regulations. An online Code stores all of a municipality’s legislation in one place, in an organized way, always up-to-date. Constituents can then find information that they need to check on laws related fences, pets or other issues that are important to them. For more information about getting an online Code, go here.

Commitment to Transparency

At General Code, we continually help local governments increase transparency by making it easier for their staff and constituents to find the information they need. Our eCode360 platform, for example, has evolved to accommodate the need for greater and greater transparency. It was originally created to give constituents the freedom to openly search for and share information about the local laws that affects their everyday lives. Now constituents can even elect to receive an email automatically when your municipal Code is updated. Municipal staff can add notes within your Code that contain helpful information for citizens, and upload public documents to be viewable online. Interested in learning more about eCode360? Visit

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