Driving Traffic to Your Social Media Platforms

“If you build it, they will come,” right? Not exactly. But there are many ways to attract traffic to your social media accounts.

Providing a Roadmap to Your Social Media

If you want people to come to your party, you have to issue invitations. The same is true for getting people to follow you on social media. They need to know the event is happening and where to go to join in the fun. The easiest way to get started is by using the avenues that are already in place.

  • Website: Add the social media icons to the header or footer of your home page. You can also make social media part of the design of your website. Facebook and Twitter allow you to embed your posts using social plugins.
  • Email: Make links to your social media channels part of your email signature.
  • Business cards: Your staff can help promote your social media efforts by adding one or two links (or even just the icons) to the contact information.
  • Posters: Place posters in areas where constituents traffic most frequently, such as the Clerk’s office, the local library, or other municipal departments.
  • Promotional flyers: Are you promoting a special event in the community? Include a sentence that says to follow the municipal Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channel for more details and up-to–the-minute information.
  • Are you on multiple platforms? Make sure you cross-promote. Tell your Facebook ‘friends’ to check out your LinkedIn account. Or ask those on Twitter to follow you on Instagram, too.
  • Get your constituents involved: Design your posts to encourage them to share information with their friends and family and to let others know about your social presence.
  • Socializing takes two (or more): Creating relationships on social media is what it’s all about. Be social with other organizations that are related to your community. Seek out neighboring communities. Follow governmental associations. Support local businesses by liking or following their pages, and ask them to do the same.

Basically, anywhere you would think to include contact information and your website for your municipality is where you should be adding your social media links, too.

And remember to be ‘follow worthy.’ Make sure you’re regularly active on social media, that you reply to questions and comments in a timely fashion, that the information you post is interesting, valuable, and sometimes fun, and that your voice is friendly and helpful.

Your social circle will be growing in no time!

Be sure to follow General Code on social media, too!

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