Promoting Healthy Behaviors

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”- James C. Humes, author

A Crisis Beyond the Disease

Health and well-being has never been more top of mind than it is right now. This current pandemic has brought not just the threat of disease, but economic hardship, social isolation, and mental distress. Nearly everyone has felt the physical and mental hardships of these past months since COVID-19 literally reshaped us into communities of shut-ins.

A Need for Online Communication

As social beings, it’s been challenging to close ourselves away from the outside world and distance from co-workers, friends, and even family. In lieu of in-person contact, a majority of us has turned to online interactions via video-conferencing platforms and social media. A recent study, shows that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all seen a sharp uptick in use after quarantining was instituted in many states.

Municipalities have tuned into the issues that come from isolation and have sought new ways to help constituents and local government staff to cope and to engage in healthy behavior. Some are creatively using social media to stay in touch, check the pulse of the community, and share helpful resources.

Getting Creative

From infographics that depict the proper way to wear masks and to social distance to graphically representing data in a way that easier to understand, local governments are pushing out information via their social media channels in an effort to reach a wider spectrum of their communities.

Some examples on Twitter include:

Social media continues to be an valuable mode of communication for sharing critical information, especially in times of crisis. Many people access these channels on their personal devices, such as smartphones, so the information is closer at hand and more immediate than when shared in more traditional ways like press conferences, news articles, or even posting on websites.

For tips on how to communicate effectively on social media during the pandemic, check out the resources listed below.

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