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  • eCode Tip
    Upload Public Documents
    Upload key public documents to your eCode for greater access and transparency
  • eCode Tip
    Go Public
    Improve transparency and access to information by posting public documents to your eCode using PubDocs™
  • eCode Tip
    Multicode Search
    Search topics across multiple Codes at the same time to see what laws other communities have adopted.
  • Legislative Alert
    License to Grill (…and sauté and flambé)
    The emergence of upscale Food Trucks has raised the level of curbside cuisine—and created new challenges for local governments.
  • Trending Legislative Topic
    Fireworks: More Bang = More Bucks
    As consumer demand for fireworks has grown, so has the inclination for states to relax their restrictive laws and lift their bans to allow...
  • On Topic
    Putting Roads On A Diet To Cure Traffic Congestion
    Just as people try to get healthier with the Atkins, Paleo, Whole30 and other popular diet regimens, urban streets can be more trim and...
  • Social Media
    What's Your Policy?
    Does your community have a social media policy in place? (Spoiler alert: the answer should be yes.)
  • On Topic
    We Pledge Allegiance…to the Code
    “Old Glory” has been a proud symbol of our freedom since the American Revolution. But did you know that a formal Code outlining the...
  • eCode Tip
    Add a Note
    Create notes anywhere within your eCode that you can make viewable to everyone, a group of staff, or just to yourself.
  • eCode Tip
    Improve Your "Note Ability"
    Use eCode360’s Notes tool to help citizens and other users of your online Code stay up to date and informed.
  • Legislative Alert
    Here Comes the Sun
    See how some New England communities are adapting their Codes to meet increased local demand for solar energy.
  • Legislative Alert
    To Burn or Not to Burn?
    WI municipalities are fired up about health issues related to smoky outdoor furnaces. How can you handle similar challenges?
  • On Topic
    Reimagining the Future of our Cities
    What does “the future of cities” mean to you? Whatever your definition, Oscar Boyson’s 20-minute video “The Future of Cities” is thought-provoking as it...
  • Trending Legislative Topic
    Local Governments Join Medical Marijuana Debate
    As medical marijuana gains legal traction at the state level, local governments are being challenged to determine what’s best for their communities while honoring...
  • Social Media
    Getting Social During a Disaster
    Social media channels, perhaps more than any other communication tool, offer officials at every level of government the most rapid way to reach out...
  • eCode Tip
    Download Code Sections to View or Edit Code Content Offline!
    Your Code, is online with eCode360—so what can you do with it next? A great tool to try is eCode’s download feature.
  • Legislative Alert
    Battling the Zombie Home Apocalypse in Your Neighborhood
    The Walking Dead? Not quite. But abandoned Zombie Properties can be just as scary for local communities. eCode360 can help you do battle.
  • eCode Tip
    Email a Link to Your eCode
    Your online Code, hosted in eCode360, provides a smart and simple way for you to email links to specific sections of your Code. Provide...
  • eCode Tip
    Create a Desktop Shortcut
    Since your Code is hosted online, you can enjoy easy access to your Code by creating a shortcut on your PC desktop.
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